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features of qa training

QA Course Overview:

At QA Training in USA, we offer a comprehensive 100-hour Quality Assurance training in an attempt to provide authentic knowledge to our learners. We have designed the QA curriculum to include any and every aspect of the training in order to help you evolve as an expert Software Tester. 

That said, QA training is our five-star course which includes everything from covering the basics and introduction to Quality Assurance to advanced topics such as software configuration management, creating a test plan, test estimations, etc.

Our QA course curriculum is an all-inclusive program that begins with the pre-production testing, determining the defects in the manufactured products, step involved in preventing the defects, Sandbox Environment vs production environment, complete knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), etc.

Apart from the above, our course also includes delivering training on deciphering applications using static and dynamic techniques, conducting boundary value analysis, audits at regular intervals, walk-throughs, develop a testing plan through the development phase, and create a quality analysis test plan.

We also introduce the prevailing automation testing tools QTP to present you with the look and feel and disparities in automation testing and manual testing.

Who is the QA testing course for?

Our Software Quality Assurance training is for those who are aspiring to learn the end to end software quality assurance testing.

Our course, apart from the standard curriculum, also teaches you the practical applications of the testing challenges which the learners are likely to face at work.

  • All the beginners who aspire to foray into the software testing world.
  • If you are an IT/non-IT professional and looking to take up Quality Assurance testing as a career.
  • Even if you are an existing Quality Assurance professional and hoping to catch up with the latest trends and practices to smartly handle the challenges in the testing cycle, then this is the course for you.

Key Takeaways of our QA Testing course at QA Training in USA:

  • Syllabus: Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it will help you ace the testing world. It not only includes the traditional practices employed during performing QA testing but also involves the latest practices in the industry.
  • Interactive instructorled classes: Our classes are live instructor-led sessions where we believe in conducting brainstorming sessions for in-depth knowledge transfer.
  • Practice sessions: Our learners have access to the cloud test lab where they can practice after the theory sessions. We also assign practical exercises to gauge the level of understanding of our learners.
  • Practical learning experience: At QA Training in USA, we believe in the practical learning experience through live projects and examples against imparting theoretical knowledge.
  • Soft-skills development: Communication skills and interpersonal skills are quintessential for Quality Assurance testers. Therefore, apart from building technical expertise, we also focus on developing their oral and written communication skills. The soft skills essentially help them in gathering requirements, documenting them, and communicating the test results to the development team and the stakeholders.
  • Resume Building sessions: Our team of resume writers reviews the resumes to make it more effective highlighting the key features such as their project experience, their strengths, etc.
  • Mock Interviews: As a part of the interview preparation, our mentors/trainers conduct mock interviews to groom our learners for the upcoming interviews through interview questions, etc.
  • Student Support: Our student support team is available 24*7 via email or chat to resolve any issues our learners might have.


  1. Who are our trainers at QA Training in USA?

All our trainers are certified consultants who hold substantial industry experience with training knowledge.

  1. How can we practice during the course?

Our learners can access the cloud test lab 24 * 7 for uninterrupted practice.

  1. Do I get any discount for my course?

As a rule of thumb, we at QA Training in USA offer group discounts and referral discounts. However, apart from that, we also offer holiday special discounts during federal holidays and vacations.

  1. Can I attend a demo before enrolling for the course?

We offer a free demo session for all our registered learners. Our demo sessions are to essentially help our learners assess their comfort levels with the trainers, their knowledge, communication skills, and their training delivery effectiveness.

Software Testing Online Training

QA online TrainingIf you want to build a robust software product it is very important to take care of quality control. There is a need of checking the right code, functionalities in a proper way. QA online training develops skills in a candidate to scrutinize the quality of products and to ensure that the product is error free. It delivers quality products by checking the standards and requirements of clients and customers. We explain the various risks involved from the initial stages of a product development to final output with clear solutions. 

QA online training develops skills in a person and ability to use various testing tools of static and dynamic. There are various things need to be considered for software testing type of product, development process and stages of the testing process. Our QA online training tutorial covers fundamental concepts to in-depth topics of quality assurance to satisfy the needs of consumers by providing quality software product. Once you complete QA online training successfully you will achieve skills through our QA online training. 

Skills you benefit in our QA online training:

  • Recognizes the objectives of the project.
  • Handle projects with more efficiency and technical knowledge.
  • Update your skills regularly to get more knowledge.
  • Ensure that your product meeting the required standards.
  • Developing the test cases for each scenario.
  • Run the test cases to evaluate the test performance.
  • Evaluate test performance more accurately.
  • Communicate the risks involved in projects.
  • Applying multiple tests to get accurate results.

The sample of Mock Interview Session

Our QA online training Course benefits are as follows:

  • A unique list of topics as course content.
  • Brainstorming sessions to be more interactive.
  • More assignments to apply theory.
  • Training to improve verbal and written communication.
  • Assistance in resume preparation for entry-level positions.
  • Career advancement training.
  • Our pre-recorded videos for lifetime access at one-time payment.
  • Job-winning resume and interview tips.
  • We have videos of the mock session to gain knowledge on a real interview.
  • 24/7 support through chat and emails.

Course Syllabus

Topic wise customized QA online training (QA) Course Syllabus

Module – 1     Manual Testing

Session – 1

About SDLC – Software Development Life Cycle


Waterfall Model




User Stories

Documents of Software Requirement

Business Requirement Document

Functional Requirement Document

Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)

Session – 2

Types of Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • System Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • UAT Testing
  • Black Box Testing
  • White Box Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Security Testing

Validation Vs Verification

Session – 3

Role of QA Tester on STLC

Group discussion on Banking, Supply Chain Management, Health Care, Telecom and Mobile.

Module – 2

Session – 4

How to write Test Cases on

  • Telecom
  • Health Care

Prepare RTM and Test Matrices

Session – 5

About Objective Test Plan

About Scope Test Plan

About Strategy Test Plan

How to write Test Plan

About Entry & Exit Criteria

Session – 6

Review Test Plan & Test Cases

About Defect Life Cycle

What is Clustering, Load Balancer Frontend, Backend & Middle Ware?

Module – 3       HP Quality Center | HP ALM

Session – 7

Guidance on how to install QC & ALM software’s

Session – 8

Introduction to Quality Center

Manage testing process using HP QC

Advantages & Disadvantages of HP Quality Center

Requirements Module

  • Banking Domain
  • Finance Domain

How to write requirement on Test Plan, Test Cases, and RTM – Requirement Traceability Matrix

Session – 9

Test Lab Module: Based on Test Plan execute the Test Cases and File Defects

Session – 10

Defects Module

  • Export Test Cases from Excel to QA
  • Export data from QC to Excel

Module – 4           SQL – Structure Query Language

Session – 11

About Database, RDMS, SQL, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language & Data Control Language

Session – 12

Types of SQL Queries along with examples

What is the role of QA Tester in SQL?

Session – 13

SQL Concepts

  • Functions
  • Primary Key
  • Foreign Key Constraint
  • SQL Joins

How to Perform Joins

SQL Groupby Statement & Clause

Module – 5        UNIX | LINUX Operating System

Session – 14

Installation of Putty and Cygwin

Introduction of Unix and Linux

Role of QA tester in Unix

Unix Commands

Session – 15

About Shell Script, VI Editor & Log File

Module – 6                       HP QTP | HP UFT

Session – 16

About HP QTP | UFT

Instructions for installation of UFT Software

Solving issues while installing UFT Software

Session – 17

Introduction to Automation Testing

Cons of Manual Testing

Advantages of UFT | QTP

History of QTP | UFT and its features

License types of UFT| QTP

HP UFT Add-In Manager

Key elements of QTP | HP UFT

  • Test pane
  • Data table
  • Active screen
  • Debug viewer

Session – 18

UFT Add-IN Manager

Create first test script using UFT

UFT / QTP testing Process

  • Test Planning
  • Recording
  • Debugging & Running Script
  • Analyzing the test results and reporting the defects

Session – 19

How to create a new test and how to open an existing test

Handling multiple tests/scripts in UFT

Recording Modes

Record and play

Objects in UFT

  • Test and Run Time object

Object repository

  • Local, Shared repository & Object Repository Manager

Identification of Objects in UFT

Object Spy

Test Objects

  • Identifying the Object
  • Highlight the Object
  • Understanding the test Object Properties

Object Identification mechanism, Spy & Repository

Session – 20

Introduction of Parameterization in UFT

Data table

  • Introduction to Data tables
  • Data table Methods

Creating a script with multiple test data

Session – 21

Checkpoints in QTP

How to insert in Checkpoints in UFT

Output values in UFT

How to insert Output values in UFT

Session – 22

Types of Output values in UFT

  • Standard Output Value
  • Text Output Value


  • Need of Transactions
  • How to insert Transactions during recoding of UFT

About Actions

How to modify actions

Session – 23

Associate repositories to the test

VB Script

  • Introduction of VB Script
  • Data types
  • Variables
  • Conditional Statements
  • Conditional Loops

Create VB script function in UFT

How to call function in UFT

Module – 7       HP LoadRunner | Performance Testing

Session – 24

Instructions for installation of LoadRunner software

Session – 25

About of Performance Testing

Types of Performance Testing

  • Load Testing
  • Volume Testing
  • Stress Testing

Performance Testing Process

Components of LoadRunner



VUGen Script

Analytics Report

Types of Protocol

Session – 27

Think Time

VUser Script


Run Time Options


Automatic Correlation

Session – 28




Session – 29

Quality Standard



Export test cases from Excel to QC

QTP Script Execution

Module – 8      SAP Testing

Session – 30

SAP Business Process

Modules & Integration of Modules

Industry Solutions

Implementation of SAP Methodology

Transaction Code

SAP Access


Session – 31

SAP Architecture

Implementation of Life Cycle

Master Data in SAP

Transaction Data

System Data

Process Flows

Testing concepts

Business Process Flow


Business Process completion

Session – 32

Test case development

Module – 9           Web services testing / SoapUI

Session – 33

Introduction to SoapUI

About SOA (service Oriented Architecture)

Usage of SOA

Installation of SoapUI Tool

About API Testing

How to test Web services


Attributes Vs Element

XML Tags, Schema & Element

How to write test cases for Web Services testing

Module – 10                            ETL Testing | DWH

Session – 34

About Etl testing

Introduction to DWH along with examples

Architecture of DWH


About Fact Table & Dimension Table

Types of Databases used in ETL Testing

How Map a Data Document

Tools used in ETL testing

Process Flow of ETL testing

SQL Queries & Joins for ETL testing

UNIX Commands for ETL testing

Module – 11                      Mobile Apps Testing

Session – 35

About Mobile Apps Testing

Advantages of Mobile Apps testing

Difference between Native, Hybrid & Mobile Web Application

Complexity of Mobile Apps Testing Domain

Strategies for Mobile Apps Testing

Platforms of Mobiles

Challenges in Mobile Apps testing

About Emulator

Configuration of Emulator

Module – 12       Live Project Work Session on Banking Domain

Module – 13       Live Project Work Session on Health Care Domain

Module – 14       Live Project Work Session on Telecom Domain

Module – 15      Live Project Work Session on CRM Domain

Resume Preparation

Mock Interview Sessions

Session wise Assignments to get practical knowledge on all concepts

Group Discussions to enhance your skills.

Interview Questions  QA Testing Interview Questions Training Videos


   faculty of QA testing Sample Resumes Download Sample QA Resume

qa training in usa by h2kinfosys reviews

QA Training In USA Powered By H2kinfosys Best Training Institute for QA Course I am the student of h2kinfosys it has innovative faculties, who have years of experiences in IT field . I ever seen this type of faculty. It was an awesome experience of my life. I have taken QA course from h2kinfosys ,I suggest you to join in h2kinfosys it will make your future bright. Anjum is an excellent instructor. She gave training in QTP. Her videos are very helpful and up to the point.

–Saigeetha Vedagiri  

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