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About Garbage Collector, Managed Code & .Net Framework 4.0 & 4.5

Q. What is Garbage Collector ?

Ans: Garbage Collector is used in .Net Framework for memory management. While running an application, application request for memory for its internal use. Framework allocates memory from the heap. Once the process is completed , allocated need to be reclaimed for future use. The process of reclaiming unused memory is taken care by Garbage Collector.

Q. How to invoke garbage collector programmatically?

Ans: To call garbage collector programmatically, use code “ GC.Collect(); “

Q. What is a Managed Code?

Ans: Managed code is code that cane be executed and managed by .NET Framework Common Language Runtime. All code based on Intermediate language executes as managed code.

Q. What are the new features in .Net Framework 4.0 & 4.5 ?

Ans: .NET for Windows Store Apps Portable Class Libraries for Cross-Platform Development with the .NET Framework. Core New Features and Improvements (Reduce system restarts, Support for large arrays whose sizeis greater than 2 GB, Optional JIT compilation for multicore processors etc) Tools (Resource File Generator for Windows Store Apps) Parallel Computing Web (Supports HTML5, Web Sockets protocol etc) Networking Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Windows Workflow Foundation (WF).

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