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ISTQB Online Training in USA

ISTQB Online Training course details:

ISTQB Online Training & Placement Assistance

ISTQB Online TrainingISTQB- International Software Testing Qualifications Board- CTFL is one of the most popular certifications available for beginner/foundational level software test engineers in the market. It has been that way for so long now and would continue to be the same because of its strong syllabus, orientation towards fundamentals, practical real project experience based scenarios, comparatively short examination span and format etc. A certification more than anything is a commitment to the field and can be extremely beneficial if you are new to the field or if you are making a shift to QA from a different field.

Our ISTQB course can help a great deal if you are looking to have your own personal guidance team to help you make it through the certification journey.

    • ISTQB CTFL examination is one of the most well thought and demanding curriculum’s out there.
    • The examination lasts for an hour and has 40 questions in the multiple choice format. A 60% correct rate is required for successful completion.
    • ISTQB Online Training course is targeted at all boards – UK, US, India and the rest of the world. It is an online Live teacher led training that is designed to follow the teacher-student participation model for maximum interaction and brainstorming.
    • A lot of sample papers are provided to our students for extensive practice. These papers are prepared based on the experiences of previous ISTQB CTFL appearing candidates, so you can be assured that these sample papers are as close to the real examination as can be.
    • We also have a question bank with answer solutions. This is because CTFL examination itself is not complicated, but the answer choices are tricky. Our questions list and the solutions strategies can be a great help.
    • Even though this is a certification course, we want to make sure that the take away is not just the final certificate. We want to ensure that our students are thorough with the syllabus which is basically perfecting the foundational level software testing concepts.
    • A successful certification is inevitable when our students know all the concepts well. That is what we aim to achieve.
    • Practice timed tests are provided to help students prepare for the examination’s intensity as it can be intellectually and emotionally taxing without prior readiness.
    • Our faculty themselves are ISTQB CTFL certified, so you are getting tips from experts that have practiced what they teach with great success.
    • Resume, interview and job guidance is a part of the package too.
    • Job oriented ISTQB online training from our experienced faculties.
    • Our faculty will be more than happy to address any questions or concerns from our students- in class or offline through chat or email.
  • Enroll with us and get life time membership for our live classes.

[su_tabs active=”4″][su_tab title=”Course Syllabus“]Module – 1: Introductory Session (ISTQB Online Training)

ISTQB Online Training certification introduction.
Certification syllabus Walkthrough.
Registration process.
Roadmap for certification preparation.

Module – 2: Fundamentals of Testing

Testing basics.
The Fundamental Test Process.
General Testing Principles.

Module – 3: Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle

Maintenance Testing.
Test Levels.
Test Types.
Software Development Models.

Module – 4: Static Techniques

Static Techniques and the Test Process
Review Process
Static Analysis by Tools

Module – 5: Test Design Techniques

Test Design Techniques.
The Test Development Process.
Black-box Techniques.
White-box techniques.
Choosing Test Techniques.
Experienced-based Techniques.

Module – 6: Test Management

Planning & Estimation.
Monitoring and Control.
Configuration Management.
Risk and Testing.
Incident Management.

Module – 7: Tool Support for Testing

Types of Test Tool.
Uses, risks and benefits.
Introducing a Tool into an Organization.[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Interview Questions“]ISTQB Interview Questions and Answers[/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Training Videos“]Will Update Soon..!![/su_tab]
[su_tab title=”Instructor“]Mrs:Priya
Qualification:Masters in Computers and QTP, ISTQB certified.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

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