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Python Online Training

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features of qa training

What is the Python Certification Course?

Python is highly adopted, easy to learn, and code, flexible yet powerful open-source and free programming language. Python, with its wide range of libraries, can be used for data manipulation and analysis. Python has been being used for scientific computing as well as in industries such as finance, gas, oil, physics, and signal processing.

Python certification training at QA Training USA is a comprehensive program that not just focuses on the Python basics, revising Statistical concepts, and Machine Learning but also deals with advanced Data Science concepts.

Our training provides a hands-on practice on Python and various Data Science techniques. The course is fraught with numerous activities and practical exercises that can help you gain hands-on knowledge in solving predictive modeling problems where Machine Learning concepts are applied.

Our course begins with building up the statistical knowledge covering the concepts like all the central tendency measures –mean, median, mode, range, then data analysis topics including regression, clustering, classification, Naïve Baye’s, K-Means algorithms, Cross-validation techniques, Random forests, Decision trees, Support Vector Machines (SVM), and many more to gain a complete grip over the subject.

Moreover, as a part of Artificial Intelligence concepts, Reinforcement Learning will be covered which should help you in training machines in real-time scenarios.

Along with various libraries like NumPy, Pandas, MatplotLib, sci-kit learn, our Python course deals with Python scripts, handling file operations in Python, etc.

Why should I learn Python?

Python is an unparalleled choice of the Data scientists who use it for building Machine Learning algorithms and performing scientific computations. Python, being expressive programming language improves productivity due to its lesser code length, simple to read syntax and easy compilation feature. Debugging the Python code is like a piece of cake due to its strong debugger.

It is a cross-platform, portable programming language that runs on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux/Unix. Python is a free, open-source language due to its OSI-approved, open-source license.

Python is the most preferred programming language in the Data Science niche which means that it is the most trending course of the century.

What can you expect after the Python course completion?

Python course at QA Training USA is ideal for beginners, developers, advanced level programmers, statisticians who are looking for scientific computing, Data analysts, aspiring data scientists, etc. By the end of our 40-hour rigorous Python program, our learners will have achieved the following:

  • Download and analyze data using coding
  • Imbibe techniques to handle various types of data – ordinal, categorical, and encoding
  • Learn how to visualize data
  • Performing step by step analysis of data using Python notebook
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of a Machine Learning engineer
  • Machine Learning definition
  • Play with real-time data
  • Understand predictive modeling techniques
  • Learn different   Machine Learning algorithms and their execution
  • Hands-on practice on ML algorithms.
  • Perform Text Mining and sentiment analysis

Who can enroll for the Python Certification Course?

Python course at QA Training USA is ideal for beginners to advanced level professionals who aspire to make a mark in the Data Science niche. However, the following learners can make the optimum use of the program.

  • Software developers, programmers, tech leads, and software architects
  • Developers hoping to venture into the Data Science field.
  • Managers who handle the team of data analysts.
  • Business Analysts who hope to get a grip over Machine Learning concepts.
  • Data Architects who intend to gain expertise in Predictive Analysis.
  • Programmers who hope to build automated predictive models.

What are the prerequisites to join the Python online course?

Python is easy to learn and code, a high-level, multi-paradigm programming language that does not need a strong coding background. It is the 2nd most popular programming language for a reason.  It offers features like easy readability, expressive, open-source and free, portable, etc makes it highly adopted language in large companies across the globe.

So, what are the prerequisites to learn Python?

Anyone who knows to code, fundamentals of data analysis using R/SAS are desirable. However, those who do not have the coding knowledge can simultaneously enroll for a Java course to understand the basics of coding.

Python training FAQs:

  1. What happens if I miss a class?

Missed lecture is not an issue at QA Training USA.

Anyone who misses a session can go over the video recording of the live session which will be posted on the LMS.

Additionally, they can attend another live session from another batch.

  • Does QA Training USA offer placement assistance?

As a part of placement assistance at QA Training USA, we offer resume building sessions. Once the resume is ready, we share it with the recruitment team who forwards it to various companies.

Our mentors groom the job aspirants for the upcoming interviews until their confidence levels are up. The students are guided through various job opportunities until they are placed.

  • Is there a demo session before I enroll for the course?

All those who have registered for our course will undergo a live, free demo session. You will be given an opportunity to gauge the depth of knowledge, delivery, and communication skills of the trainer

  • What kind of experience do the instructors carry?

Our trainers at QA Training USA carry 5-15 years of industry experience with training expertise.

  • How are practical sessions dealt with at QA Training USA?

You are allowed to practice the assignments/case studies on Jupiter Notebook installed in our cloud test lab 24*7.

  • What kind of case studies will I be provided for practice during the Python certification course?

A mix of case studies and projects will be offered to enhance your knowledge and learning skills during the course. Our experienced trainers will guide you through the projects and mentor as and when required.

  • Where to contact in case of further queries?

You can reach us at +1-678-892-8523 (or) write to us at -.training@h2kinfosys.com

Our graduates / students go on to work at many amazing fortune 5000 organizations...