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Interesting facts about Java that you need to know

Java is a predominant programming language that is immensely popular because of so many good reasons. Java has unique portability, and it can be operated similarly on any hardware or operating system. It was created in 1995. Even though it is the oldest programming language, it gets the pride of progression from scrap to one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Many Online Java Certification Course is there to master in Java language. It will be more interesting to dig deeper about Java, how it came up and why it became a popular one that remains consistent over 20 years in practice.

  • Java was called Oak at the beginning: Java was first named as Oak because it was like a big Oak tree that grew outside the window of James Gosling’s (developer of Java).
  • Java was invented by accident: James Gosling was building a set-top box and wound up a new language and runtime called Java or Oak.
  • It pays to learn Java: There are about 9 million Java developers in the world. They will get a high package as a median salary as a java developer.
  • Java is the 2nd most popular language after C: According to programming languages popularity tracking websites, Java is ranked #2 in popularity among all programming languages. And Java is an all-time favorite among developers.
  • JUnit Testing Framework: JUnit Testing Framework is used by 4 out of 5 or 70% of developers out there. This shows the popularity and stability of Java technology.
  • Java and Android: Google’s Android OS uses Java APIs, so practically, Java runs one billion-plus smartphone today.

Just like many cool things to do with Java, you probably did not know these facts about Java. Even though you only need the skills and knowledge about coding in Java, you can have these interesting facts to wow your friends. If you obtain java training and certification, it will be more helpful for your future because there is a great future and demand for java developers. So to have the best future, you can start practicing Java.

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