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Latest Dot Net Interview Questions

Q. What is Private Assembly ?

Ans: Private Assemblies are planned to be utilized by the program for which its made for. This is on account of use will just load private assemblies that are situated in the same folder or in a sub folder that the fundamental executable is loaded.

Q. What is Shared Assembly ?

Ans: Shared Assemblies contain Common Libraries which are intended to be used by multiple applications. While making shared assemblies, Name Collisions and Overwriting existing Assemblies need to be taken care. Name Collisions can be taken care by strong name. And global assembly cache can be used to avoid assembly overwriting.

Q. How to view a Assembly information ?

Ans: By using Ildasm.exe which is an MSIL Disassembler one can view attributes, references to other modules and assemblies.

Q. Where is the assembly version information stored ?

Ans:  The assembly version information stored in the Manifest.


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