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Selenium Webdriver Online Training

Selenium Webdriver Online Training & Placement Assitance

selenium training onlineQA TRAINING IN USA is facilitating global competitive Selenium online training programs all over the world. We offer instructor led live Selenium sessions with certified trainers with real time experience. We provide professional based online training on other software testing tools which includes manual testing, automation testing, performance testing and other testing tools. Our online Selenium Webdriver training course facilitates hands on practice to solve the real time scenarios with practical approach. QA TRAINING IN USA’s selenium online training course give you step by step procedure to deal with testing procedures and methodologies as a reference guide. We share different types of questions asked in various interviews, conduct mock interview sessions Resume samples to our learners. We’ll give assignments to our students and each assignment will be reviews at weekend to focus more. Our cloud computing labs will allow you to practice more to get engage with any project as soon as possible you finish the course. Our training batches will be available for weekend and weekdays as per your convenience. Once you join in our course you will be associated to use our video library on testing courses will give you an in-depth knowledge complete test concepts along with comprehensive selenium interview questions with answers designed by software testing experts. If you join with us you will experience the class room training with our virtual class room training and be a leader in software testing. FREE DEMO REQUEST


Unique features of Selenium Webdriver online training course:

  • Learner centric online training.
  • Tailor made online curriculum.
  • Real time expertise faculty from USA.
  • World class training methods.
  • Get our pre-recorded videos for life time access.
  • Comprehensive online selenium course material.
  • 24/7 access to videos, subject material, blogs and forums.
  • Online quizzes to improve your skills.
  • Interactive learning sessions.
  • Innovative resume preparation classes by our software testing experts.


Sample of Mock Interview Session

selenium trends

Course SyllabusInterview QuestionsTraining VideosInstructor

Selenium Introduction

  • About Automation Testing
  • Usage of Automation Testing
  • What is selenium?
  • Benefits of Selenium
  • Difference between selenium and UFT / QTP

Components of Selenium

  • Seleniun IDE
  • Selenium Grid
  • Selenium Webdriver / Sleenium 3.0

Locators of Selenium

Identification of elements using Selenium in Webpage

  • Tools to identify elements/objects
  • Firebug
  • Developer tools of IE
  • Chrome developers tools
  • Location elements by ID
  • Finding elements by Name, Link Text, XPath, & Css

Selenium IDE Introduction

  • Features of Selenium IDE
  • IDE Icons
  • Installing Selenium IDE

Selenium IDE Concepts

  • Building Test cases using Selenium IDE
  • Creating test suites
  • Selenium IDE Comments, Menus & Commands
  • IDE Context Menu

Selenium IDE Commands

  • goBack
  • Refresh
  • MouseOver
  • Highlight
  • Key simulation

Selenium Webdriver

  • Selenium Webdriver introduction
  • Setting Up Eclipse
  • Configuring Webdriver in Eclipse
  • Converting Selenium IDE tests to JAVA

Selenium – JAVA Language

  • Introduction
  • Data Types
  • JAVA Modifier, Declaration and Assignment
  • Comments in JAVA & Basic Syntax of JAVA
  • Method Overloading
  • Constructors

Selenium Webdriver IDE JAVA Junit  

  • Annotations of Junit & TestNG
  • TestNG Eclipse plugin


Webdriver Code for different elements

  • Text box
  • Link
  • Button
  • Checkbox
  • Drop Down Box/List Box
  • Radio Buttion
  • Labels
  • Images
  • Tables


Group of UI Objects

Cases in Selenium Webdriver

  • Action Class
    • Mouse Hover
    • Drag and Drop
  • Screenshot Capture
  • Execution JAVA script
  • Handling on Alerts
  • Handling Multiple Browsers, Frames and Windows based Objects

Automation Characteristics

  • Parameterization
  • Verifications
  • AJAX Based Applications Using Selenium
  • DB testing using Selenium

Build Tools and Integration Tools

  • Selenium Grid (After ANT)
  • Introduction of Third Party tools
  • Build Tools
  • Integration tools – Jenkins

Concepts of Framework  

  • About framework, use of framework and different types of frameworks
  • Different types of packages in Framework


Impressive Training By Sudheer
Written by: Debadipti Mishra
Date Published: 03/03/2016
Ms. Sudheer is not only a good Instructor, but also very knowledgeable about all the topics. He explains about Selenium topics very well, in a simple way. Very easy to understand with lots of example. Selenium is never sounds so easy before. He have so much patients. He always stayed late to clear the doubt we had about the topics . I'll need his help in future also.
4.6 / 5 stars

H2k Infosys – A Positive beginning to an IT career:

“H2k is doing excellent computer training program. Mr,kumar and Mrs,Priya class in manual, automation ,Load runner were very good. Mr. kumar is an experienced knowledgeable instructor.”
- Sowmya

You are a Terrific Instructor !

“Priya is a very good instructor for Manual Testing. Her teaching style is very simple and to the topic with a real time examples that you can understand and learn quickly.”
- Roja Naralasetty

Thanks To H2kinfosys Team:

“I took my QA Training from Sam.He explains the basics so well that you start feeling confident from Day 1. H2K Infosys provides the best platform for people who want to start a career in QA.”
- Zabeen Gadhwala

Knowledgeable Instructor:

“For me nothing could be better than getting trained by Sam to start my carrier.I am very satisfied with the training. Sam is a great trainer and human.Thanks Sam for being my mentor.”
- Vineet Chouhan

Best IT online Training Center:

“ H2Kinfosys helped me a lot in learning Selenium tool. Mr Kumar has extensive knowledge of Selenium and Java, and he shared all his knowledge. Thanks to Mr Kumar for the help and well explanation.”- Shikha Jain

Wonderful Java Training By Neha:

“I really liked H2K Infosys, especially enjoyed Neha's class. Neha is excellent in teaching JAVA with advanced techniques. She is very helpful & patient. I will strongly recommend to take JAVA classes by Neha.”- Ambaajiraav

Best In Terms of BA Training:

“Very professional in competence, scope, and thoroughness. Our instructor, Shah, was very patient and helpful with questions from the class, particularly in regard to required downloads necessary for the course. Overall, I'm very satisfied and would recommend H2K Infosys to anyone who wants to amp up their tech skills.”- Richard Borzillo

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