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Q : Tell me about yourself?

A : talk more about on the professional career and very less on the personal.

Q : Please tell me the roles and responsibilities played in the current project?

A : talk about the current project details.

Q : Brief me the domains you worked/tested in your career?

A : tell the domains you worked, say Finance/Healthcare etc..

Q : Your current project is health cared application right, What kind of skills you needed in testing your current health care application testing?

A : such as health care standards (HIPAA),Domain knowledge (such as functionality, clinical usage, lab reports), process compliance (check if the product is meeting FDA standards).

Q : What kind of challenges you faced in the current application?

A : give according to your application.

Q : can you give me couple of major defects you find in the current application?

A : based on current project.

Q : What is the tool you have used for bug tracking?

A : as per resume TFS.

Q : How TFS will differ from QC?

A : both are test management tools, QC- HP, TFS-microsoft.

Q : Explain the testing process you followed in the current application?

A : explain the testing process.

Q : How do you react if any defects found in the production in your application?

A : root causal analysis.

Q : Did you face any situation where you had an extraordinary approach in testing which you are proud of?

A : yes, I shared the test scenarios (high level test cases) to the dev team which in turn reduce the defect count drastically during the test case execution.

Q : If your defect is rejected by the developer, what is your strategy ?

A : Looks you are good with the manual testing concepts lets jump into the automation testing.

Q : How to do you rate yourself in automation testing out of 1-10?

A : give number.

Q : Which tool you used for automation testing :


Q : What is the latest version of QTP ?

A : 12.0.

Q : Tell me the new features added to UFT ?

A : new IDE, file checkpoint, service testing, insight recording.

Q : Which framework you guys are using for the automation testing?

A : Datadriven/keyword/hybrid, give one.

Q : Say for example in your application you will get a save dialog box after each record creation then how to click on save option in the dialog box ? Recording option is not working then how you will handle the situation?

A : Use the script Using mercury.devicereplay object.

Q : after the completion of your scripts, wanted to send the results to the stake holders, is it possible?

A : Yes with Outlook.Application object.

Q : What is Option explicit in VbScript?

A : forceful declaration of variables in the script.

Q : How to create a vbs file?

A : write a function in notepad and save as .vbs.

Q : Have you worked with file system object?

A : Yes, working with files,folders,drives,notepad – FileSystemObject.

Q : I have a string and wanted to know whether the required text is available in the string, is it possible?

A : Instr.

Q : How to load the libraries in the run time to the script?

A : executeFile “path of the library”.

Q : Is there any way to retrieve the values from the table? If yes how?

A : Child items.

Q : What is the difference between Child objects and child items?

A : Child object- object within the page, Child item – object with in the table.

Q : Here is the scenario, you can add the customer to the list and the added one will reflect after refresh the page. So how do you refresh the browser in the run time?

A : using automation object ,

Set wsh=CreateObject(“Wscript.Shell”)

Wsh.sendkeys “{F5}”

Q : How do you connect to the database in QTP?

A : Using ADODB object.

Q : Your resume says that, you have experience in web service testing?

A : Yes.

Q : What kind of web services you have in the current application?

A : Rest/Soap.

Q : Have you done web services testing through manual or automation?

A : your resume says both.

Q : Which tool you used for automating web services?

A : SoapUI.

Q : what kind of methods your web services using ? is it get or post ? what is the difference between this?

A : Get – without parameters , Post – with parameters.

Q : Have you functional testing for web services?

A : Yes/No.

Q : Which language you used in SoapUI?

A : Groovy scripting.

Q : How you validated the web services in SoapUI?

A : Assertions.

Q : How to add the assertions to the test in SoapUI?

A : give the steps.

Q : How to create the mock service in SoapUI?

A : give the steps.

General questions :

Q : If you find your other peers in slower pace compared to you how you would deal with that?

A : Set up meeting with the team and try to understand what is going is wrong and then assist the team to increase the speed.

Q: If I give an opportunity to work with the project independently, can you handle it?

A : Yes

Q : Can you justify why are fit for this position?

A : give the justification.

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