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.NET Online Training course details:

H2kinfosys Benefits

.NET Online Training and Placement Assistance

Master the .NET platform at QA Training in USA and acquire hands-on knowledge on how to work on projects through our .NET certification program.

Our course curriculum includes an introduction to .NET components to developing coding ability using C#, Visual Studio, Win Forms, and Web Forms with the aim to prepare you for a bright future.

Our .NET curriculum is an exhaustive program which opens up a plethora of opportunities for our learners. Moreover, according to a study, certified .NET professionals are found to draw more salary as compared to non-certified counterparts.

DotNET is Microsoft’s technology introduced in the year 2002. The .NET Framework technology can be used for building various software products such as Windows applications, Web Applications, Web Services, etc.

The.NET platform has essentially made the software development process seem simple with its wide range of libraries which are included in the Framework Class Library (FCL). The other components of the .NET Framework are the Common Language Runtime (CLR) and System Class Library.

At QA Training in USA, we provide expert training in the .NET Framework through practical examples and projects. Our expert trainers handle the training sessions in a highly result-driven environment to ensure successful course completion.

Our .NET Training at QA Training in USA also covers resume building sessions, mock interviews, mentoring programs, and job placement services for the 360-degree success of our learners.

Who can learn the Dot NET course?

The .NET platform despite its existence since years hasn’t lost it versatility. The continued adoption of the technology across companies is the proof that the .NET course is very much relevant.

The .NET platform is ideal for software developers who anticipate developing projects from ground-up. Our .NET course is meant for those who are essentially looking to understanding a good deal about the concepts of Visual Studio and .NET Development through examples than never-ending examples.

The following aspirants can enroll in our .NET online course at QA Training in USA:

  • Beginners
  • Software Developers
  • Web Designers
  • System Administrators
  • Software Architects

Why QA Training in USA for Dot NET course?

QA Training in USA has acquired a reputation for being in the IT training stream for over a decade delivering genuine training for candidates who hope to excel in their career.

Our key takeaways are:

  • Industry-recognized course certificate
  • Project-based training
  • Includes advanced techniques and procedures
  • Create Web-based applications on Visual Studio
  • Develop Visual Studio projects using Win Forms

DotNET Course learning objectives

  • Introduction to .NET Framework
  • Installation of Visual Studio.NET IDE
  • Introducing C# programming language basics that involves declaring variable, loops, working with conditional statements, working with operators, boxing and unboxing
  • Working on C# procedures and functions
  • Developing knowledge of C# Arrays
  • Introducing OOP through C#
  • C# Exception Handling
  • Developing 3-Tier and n-Tier architecture applications
  • Introduction to ASP.Net
  • Dealing with ASP.NET Web services
  • Understanding ASP.NET Authentication and Authorization
  • NET Website and Windows Deployment

What are the prerequisites to take up the .NET online course?

Basic knowledge of C# programming knowledge is desired, however, not mandatory for the .NET certification course.


  1. How can the .NET certification from QA Training in USA help me?

The demand for .NET professionals is huge in the software job market. And our certification program at QA Training in USA can be your passport to achieve that dream job you have always anticipated. Our  DotNET certification can prove to be a substantial value-add to your resume.

  1. What is the qualification of the trainers?

All our trainers at QA Training in USA are industry experts with 5-15 years of solid experience.

  1. Can I cancel my enrollment? Will I get a refund?

Yes, you can cancel your enrollment provided you have a valid reason to furnish. Refer to our Refund Policy to understand better about refunds.

  1. Does QA Training in USA provide any additional support in case of queries?

We offer a 24 * 7 support to answer any queries you may have. However, in case, of course-related queries, we can arrange for a one on one with the trainers as additional support.

  1. Can I attend a demo before enrolling in the program?

We offer a free demo session for all our registered candidates. This is to ensure a fair enrollment process so that our enrollees get a complete picture of what they are getting into in terms of ambiance, trainers’ skills, and our interactive training sessions.

Our .NET Online Training course key features:

      • State of the art training with research on market trends.
      • Hands on trainers with real time experience on .NET Online Training.
      • Post training support to get prepare for jobs.
      • Dot net Test assignments to explore your skills.
      • Support in form of forums to clarify the queries.
      • Passionate instructors to share their knowledge and experience.
      • Strong foundation for your future career.
      • In-depth training on ASP.NET and ADO.NET.
      • Teaching with .NET Online Training live examples of Industry best practices.
      • Get familiarize with Dotnet concepts.
      • Interactive .NET Online Training with cloud labs.
      • Various levels of skill test to get familiar in concepts of Asp.net course.
      • .NET Online Training Chat sessions with instructors.
    • Our expertise faculties give instructions in downloading of Microsoft dot net developer tools.

Attend our .NET Online Training free demo class, which has been conducted by real time IT experts. You’ll get hand on experience after completion of course.

The below graph indicates the latest job trends of Dot Net as per indeed portal.
.NET Online Training
Course Syllabus ASP.NET Modules:
Introduction to Web Applications
Understanding architecture ASP.NET
Creating ASP.NET Pages – Web Forms
Working with web controls – Button, Textbox etc.
Postback and ViewState concepts
ASP.Net Syllabus
Enabling ViewState for individual controls
Different type of List controls
Setting Meta tags
Validation controls
FileUpload, AdRotator, MultiView, Calendar etc.
State Management – Cookies, Sessions and Applications
Handling session and application events using global. asax
Error handling in ASP.NET , Tracing and debugging
Declaratively Configuring Authentication and Authorization
Working Programmatically with Authentication and Authorization
Ensuring Quality by Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring
C#.NET ( C Sharp Course)
1. INTRODUCION TO .NET Online Training
Net Frame Work
Features of Net
Common Type System (CTS)
Common Language Specifications(CLS)
Common Language Runtime(CLR)
Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL)
Garbage Collection
2. C#.Net BASICS
Creating the Console applications
Explaining about Visual Studio IDE
Data Types
Type Conversions
Methods in C#
Conditional Branching
Repeating Code Blocks
Unconditional Branching
Building Assemblies
Viewing Assemblies
Customizing the same assemblies to the different clients
Global Assembly caching
.Dll Vs .exe
3. Object Oriented Programming
Classes and Structs
Data members and member functions
Constructor and Destructor
Method Overloading and Overriding
Abstract Classes and Methods
Defining and implementing Interfaces
Derived Interfaces
Modifiers (public,private,protected,internal,protected internal)
Inheritance and its types
Sealed class
Virtual Methods
4.Exception Handling
System Defined Exceptions
Custom Exceptions
Try , Catch , Finally
5. Delegates and Events, Generics
Introducing delegates
Working with Events
Introducing Generics
Generics and Arrays
6. Database Programming (ADO.NET)A Review of Classic ASP
Introduction and Overview of ADO.Net
Data Providers in .Net
Data Reader and Data List
Data Grid View with DML operations
7. GUI Application Development
Windows forms and Controls
Creating Menus
Creating the user controls
Programming with Adv. Controls
Integrating the third party controls into the visual studio dot net
MVC Architecture
Layering the N-tier architecture
9. Windows Services and Threading
Creating Windows Services
Installing them in services.mvc
Creating Threads and Synchronization blocks
10. NET Remoting
Remoting Architecture
Developing Remoting server
Developing Remoting client
Channels, formatters, channel services
Remoting Vs Web services
11. Creating the Installers (MSI generation)
Creating Setup and deployment project
Discussion of Editors in the setup and deployment project
Setting the shortcut icon on the desktop and from the programs menu
Interview Questions“].NET Interview Questions and Answers
Training Videos

Instructor Mr. R N Reddy Qualification: Masters in Computers.

Sample Resumes Download .NET

Sample Resume

H2kinfosys Best .NET Training Ever It was quiet Impressive attending a class of R.N Reddy. He was Very Interactive in the class explaining a practical explanation for every individual concept. He will be taking his time to make sure every student has an hands on experience on every concept. He will teach from the scratch to peaks. He will keep on encouraging a student saying, no background of any computer courses is required to take his class. He keep his words by his explanation which comes from scratch even a candidate who doesn’t have any programming language also can understand his class and becomes master in dot net. I would thank him for the same.

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