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JAVA Online Training and Placement Assistance

About Java Certification course at QA Training USA?

At QA Training USA, we offer a comprehensive 100-hour Java program that includes Core Java and Advanced Java concepts. From Core Java concepts such as OOP concepts, loops, conditional statements, database connectivity, to J2EE concepts like Servlets, JSP, Web Services, Unit testing, and working with ReactJS are all a part of our extensive curriculum.

Why the Java Certification course?

Java is one of the most popular general-purpose, OOP language which is considered to be evergreen and ubiquitous in the IT world. Developed by James Gosling of Sun Micro systems in 1995, there are a plethora of features that make Java a preferred choice among a wide range of existing programming languages.

  • Object-Oriented Programming Language
  • Platform Independent
  • Open-Source and free
  • Portable
  • Robust
  • Simple
  • Secure
  • Architectural Neutral
  • Multi-threaded
  • High-Level
  • Dynamic

The various applications of Java include

  • Building Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Applications for Android
  • Web Applications
  • Games
  • Software Development

What are the objectives of the Java Certification Course?

Our Java course curriculum is designed by our training experts who also have the wide industry knowledge and training experience. Our Java Certification course objectives are:

  • Begin with the introduction to the Core Java concepts such as OOP, loops, conditional statements, arrays, various libraries, databases, etc.
  • Exposure to real-time industry-based projects to gauge their understanding.
  • Projects and case studies are from different domains like BFSI, Telecom, Healthcare, Insurance, etc
  • Encourage the involvement of Mentors, SMEs to build knowledge on industry practices and standards.

What skills will the learners acquire after the Java course completion?

Java Certification program at QA Training USA will help you become an expert seamlessly. Our short projects embedded in between are to test our learners’ understanding of each concept. However, our learner will have learned the following topics inevitably.

  • Complete understanding of Java data types, loops, conditional statements, OOP concepts, multi-threading, exceptions handling, and databases using the hibernate framework.
  • In-depth knowledge of J2EE concepts like Servlets, Java Server Pages, information on Web Servers such as Apache Tomcat.
  • Learn XML, XML parsing using SAX/DOM
  • Build skills on Hibernate, Read and Save data using Hibernate, Hibernate Query Language
  • Working on Spring, Spring Beans, Spring to JDBC Configuration
  • Dealt with sessions on WebServices like Spring, RESTful.
  • Version Control Junit Test
  • Wrapping up with ReactJS, creating React App, understanding its components, etc.

Who should opt for the Java Certificate Course?

Despite its existence for decades now, Java is still very much in the stream and not considered outdated. Studies have shown that 97% of the enterprise desktop applications run on Java. Over 9 million Java developers are said to be existing in the software world. And the demand for Java developers is still rife. Therefore, there is every reason for an individual who aspires to foray into the IT world to learn Java.

Who are ideal candidates to learn Java?

  • Beginners who hope to venture into the programming world
  • Those who aspire to be web developers
  • Aspiring Web designers
  • Avid Java fans

What are the prerequisites for enrolling in this course?

It is a strong feeling among the software developers that Java essentially helps you to think like a programmer. Except for the passion to learn the programming language, there are absolutely no prerequisites to take it up. Java is a good place to start programming. However, a basic understanding of OOP concepts is beneficial.


  1. How can I make up for the missed class?

At QA Training USA, we never let you miss a class.

  • Our learners can access the video recordings of the Java online course live sessions uploaded on the LMS.
  • Alternatively, you can attend a class from another batch to make up for the missed sessions.
  1. How long are the training videos available after the course completion?

The training videos will be available for your reference for life once you  have enrolled for the course.

  1. Do you offer a placement guarantee after the course completion?

Our Java online course is a 100% job-oriented program and we provide placement assistance.

  1. Can I attend a demo session before I enroll in the classes?

At QA Training USA, we offer a free demo session for our students who register with us. Instead of sharing a video for a demo, our live demo sessions are effective and can help you make a well-informed decision. It allows you to assess the knowledge, skills, and communication effectiveness of our trainers beforehand.

  1. What are the System Requirements for the Selenium Certification course?

Windows/Mac/Linux with 4-8GB RAM, 20 GB Memory, i3 processors, or above.

  1. What about the practical sessions after the theory classes?

Our cloud test lab is available for practice 24*7.

  1. Who will be my instructors at QA Training USA?

All our instructors at QA Training USA are with 5-15 years of industry experience and working knowledge on Java/J2EE concepts along with strong training skills.

  1. What are the career opportunities after learning Java?

Mastering Java opens up a plethora of opportunities in the software world. Despite the existence of various programming languages, top companies like Bosch, Capgemini, Accenture, Mphasis, MindLabs are on a hiring spree for Java developers.

  1. What is the ideal way to learn Java?

Our training program at QA Training USA is designed to offer a complete understanding of the Core Java and advanced Java concepts for beginners and advanced level professionals. Through various exercises and hands-on implementation of the concepts in the projects can help you develop proficiency in the programming language. Kick-start your IT career by registering with us.

About our instructors:

Our instructors are the best in the field who have a well rounded expertise in the subject, job market understanding, best practices, certifications and everything else. They are not only going to facilitate the sessions, but they also will mentor you with respect to your Java IT career. Participant involvement in the live teacher-led sessions is highly encouraged. Post session guidance via email or chat is also provided by our instructors.

Java Online Training

Our online JAVA training course benefits:

1. Live teacher-led classes with maximum participant interaction.

2. Basic to advanced level concept coverage in a systematic, easy to understand fashion.

3. Practical real life examples, challenges and ways to overcome them.

4. Our pre-recorded videos of every session to enable easy review.

5. We conduct resume preparation and Mock interview sessions through experienced faculties.

6. Existing IT requirement customized JAVA course curriculum with latest concepts.

7. Java Online Training Certification guidance.

8. Offline chat and email support to address questions and concerns.

9.Our online quiz for Java technology to improve skills in JAVA.

10. Register for the course at down earth price.

Job Oriented Java Online Training By IT Experts.

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