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The quality assurance training course helps every individual to understand the basics of manual testing concepts and also allows being familiar with automation software testing tools. The qa training is specially designed for anyone that has no prior IT experience and conducted easily and understandably. The quality assurance course can be learned by anyone just enrol for quality assurance training online. Get yourself prepared to become skilled and trained software professional. You can easily work on manual and automation testing tools that will help you to provide better performing software with any complications. 

There are many online platforms providing quality assurance certification and training that will help you to start your career as a QA specialist to excel at your job as a QA professional. You will be provided with knowledge and hands-on experience by making you proficient in manual testing, automation testing and testing on other environments. There are different types of testing environments like SAP, ETL, Web Service, and Mobile App testing and are influenced in different domains such as banking, health care, and telecom. 

QA training includes:

Most of the quality assurance is 100% job oriented with real-time projects that will help you to get a hand on experience. There will be experienced staff members who will help you to prepare a resume and will conduct a mock test and interview. The mock interviews will help you to build confidence to face real interviews and how to behave. The training platform also provides you with recruiter driven job placements assistance and teaches you how to work in an organization. You can also get the benefit to join as an intern in the well-known testing firms that give to the additional experience. 

Why choose a career path QA specialist:

  • There are many reasons why most people choose software testing as a career path and, here it follows.
  • A quality assurance software tester is responsible to check the assurance of the software and, it finds and clears out if there are any bugs out there. They also help make sure about the efficiency of the user interface and, it is suitable for the users to use the software. 
  • In the current IT industry, there has always been on the leading edge and QA is expected to outperform the other industry sectors. It has been found there is 5 to 7 % of growth in the IT industry.
  • By achieving certification in quality assurance it makes a promise and rewarding in the IT industry with job growth in a positive way along with job security. 
  • The pay scale of software QA specialists is very decent and it ranges from 56k to 87k and depends on the individual performance and the employer. 
  • So if you start the career as QA tester in the IT industry or if you are new to the industry the quality assurance certifications will be the best option and, it is because of the lucrative job market. 

Eligibility of the software QA testing course:

Most of the quality assurance training platforms are domain-independent so that you can search for qa training near me that will help you to choose the right and best one. 

The candidates from non-IT backgrounds can also take an online course in QA and, it helps you to achieve success in the career path of IT. 

The QA testing training does not require any prerequisites and anybody with basic qualification join the course. The things you need are basic computer knowledge to do the course. You must also be willing to work, attention to details, and written communications skills. 

Highlights of the course:

  • The QA testing software provides you 100% job oriented QA online training and onsite training to the individual to corporate with teams.
  • QA training course offers a complete solution for software QA testing tools that includes manual and automation testing. 
  • The qa training and placement gives perfect and true training and leads to the face to face interview process.
  • You can also incorporate real-time projects in the QA training and help you to gain practical and hands-on experience on the QA testing.
  • The faculty of QA testing has many years of experience in the field of QA software testing. They also have experience in multiple domains such as mobile application, finance, telecom, supply chain management, customer relationship management, health care, insurance, hospitality, sales force and others. 

Things you will accomplish after completion of the course:

  • After getting your career as QA tester you will be ready to hit the job market and make successful completion of the course. 
  • You will be given real-time project training during the QA course that makes you confident and will teach you the ways to handle the practical challenges at the workplace. 
  • There is a mock test available that will boost your confidence level to face real interviews. It has an entry-level QA tester program that will be proficient in different QA tools and helps to enter in a new job. You can make use of the existing QA tester to climb the ladder of success and stay ahead of the play in the IT industry. 

QA syllabus modules:

The basic of the course syllabus has the following things and, it is categories in many modules, few are listed below such as, 

Module 1:

  • What is quality assurance testing?
  • Software development life cycle 
  • Software testing life cycle
  • What is software testing?
  • Manual testing from basics to advanced concepts
  • Quality testing metrics

Module 2:

  • Types of testing
  • Testing methodologies, software testing process
  • Agile development and testing, software development life cycle, software testing life cycle
  • Difference between waterfall and agile models
  • Develop and execute test cases on the domains of finance, mobile phone, companies, insurance companies and others
  • Writing the test plans and more 

Wrapping it up:

Thus these are some of the things about quality assurance testing training it helps understand the basics of testing software concepts. Get into QA online course and make your career as QA testers and enjoy all the benefits of QA tester.

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