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Java is a pattern of the method of organization and interpretation in computer language. This comprised the various processes that have been involved in it to formulate a well-structured java program. This blog comprises some of the concepts of java for beginners. This can be grabbed quickly and easily for your projects and coding. To know about the concepts of Java, it is significant to know how Java is used. This blog highlights the basic concepts of using Java for your projects and programs. 

How Java is used?

Java is a versatile computer language when it comes to coding computer programming. It is not so difficult to learn by mastering the fundamentals of Java concepts first. Every concept of Java involves classes and objects. Certain concepts of Java are used to assign values to the objects. Now that you have understood what Java is, the following sequence will help you to understand each aspect of Java.

Java Installation

The very first step of learning Java for programming and projects is to install and set up the environment of Java. To set up such an environment, it is mandatory to download the link for Java. Once the downloading page is available, you are able to download the required file to set the environment for Java by selection from different variables from the windows advanced settings. A dialogue box opens and you are able to locate exact environment variables.

Different Features of Java

After successfully locating the environment for Java, there are different features in Java which are to be known as robust, open-source, object-oriented, high performance, multithreaded, independent platforms etc.

Open Sources

From the evolution of Java, till the date, Java has the open-source feature and it has been made as an open-source product for all to access. All the programs are free to access and it has the source code that is visible for programming with java for beginners. It is quite easy for them to access the resource for free. Anyone can download a copy and distribute them with the license that has been provided by open-source software.

Java’s High Performance

As revealed earlier, Java is a computer language; it is also a well-interpreted language. This is the reason that it can never be very fast as some of the other computer languages like C or C++ which have been compiled. But it is the matter of fact that Java can produce high performance with the use of a compiler of Java. By using this, you can compile just in time.

Feature of Multi-threading

The multi-threading feature of java makes it possible to write programs easily and can also do many tasks simultaneously. The core benefit of multithreading is it uses the same memory for all things. This also enables other resources to execute multiple threads at one at a time. For example, while typing words, simultaneously grammatical errors are checked along with it.

Security Feature

When doing a Java program, security is the predominant feature of it. This inbuilt Java security system enables you to develop a virus-free system and temper free system. This program always proceeds with the runtime environment with no interaction with the system OS and so it is more secure than any other program. This program is very strong in security features.

Independent Platform

When it comes to Java programs it is not like other programs like C and C++ because other programs are compiled to specific platform machines. In Java, it is guaranteed to write once and to run anywhere in language. In the time of compilation, Java programming is compiled as byte code format and that gives security very easily. Even if you take any machine, with the help of the runtime Java environment, you are able to run a Java program easily.  


Java has a cross-platform feature that allows the codes of Java to be portable all the time. All the Java programmers can write the code in the windows and execute the same code in the Linux operating system whenever needed. This is portable because of the cross-platform feature of Java.

Robust and Object-oriented

When you use the Java program, everything is an object that has certain data and behaviour. Java is very easily extended to an extent because of its object model. Some of the error-prone codes are easily included during the time of compilation. This java makes an effort to wash out every error-prone code by giving importance to mainly on error checking at the time of compilation and runtime checking. Memory management and mishandled exceptions are the main areas in which Java has improved. This is possible by introducing automatic Garbage collector and exception handling for checking purposes.

Comments in Java

Java comments are the type of statements that are not executed by the compiler and interpreter but can be used to provide some information and explanation about certain variables, classes and methods. The most useful thing in it is used to hide program code for some specific time. There are three types of Comments that are as given below:

  • Single Line Comment-This kind of comment is used for describing the functionality of the code. The comments can be easily types that have any other functionality.
  • Multi-line Comment- It is difficult to write a code or a complex snippet in a single line comment that would be very hectic to give signs to every line. To overcome this, multiline comments are used.
  • Documentation Comments-This type of java comments is used in writing code for a project. This is useful in writing projects in java for beginners. This also helps to generate a document page for reference.

Wrapping up

Now that you have understood the constituents of Java, check out the best Java training which gives a trusted learning network across the globe. There is a structured course designed for Java training to learn with full potential. This helps to get training for both core and concepts of Java with various frameworks.

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