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Selenium is one of the widely popular tools used for web UI automation. It is open-source code and its library is used in various programming languages to perform Web UI automation testing. Python is one of them.

Introduction to Selenium

Selenium software is used to perform an automated testing framework to validate web applications across various browsers. It is also used to test any mobile applications. Selenium has several training features that promote your career to a better future. 

The Selenium online automation testing courses are currently in the hit list of all the software testers. Selenium is an open-source tool that is used to test web applications and mobile app development. Selenium testing provides a wide range of job opportunities for the youngsters who are all looking to explore their career in the field of software development and testing.

Selenium software uses multiple tools to perform selenium testing. Some of its tool lists include Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Selenium Grid, Selenium Remote Control (RC), and Web Driver. The testing done with the help of the selenium tool is called Selenium testing.

Certified Professional Selenium Training

Choose Selenium Online training

Selenium test engineers are great in demand in the IT industry. To shine your career in selenium all you must do is join Certified Professional Selenium Training and get certified to become a professional tester.

Selenium supports multiple programming languages like Java, C#, python, etc to create selenium scripts. For the IT background professionals, it is easy to learn the selenium test as the programming language used is similar. It helps the tester to automate testing web-based applications effectively and efficiently.

What you’ll learn in an online automation testing course?

  • By the end of the course, the learner will be able to build selenium automated tests using selenium web driver python API.
  • You learn how to install selenium on different browsers and platforms.
  • You know how to locate web elements using CSS selectors.
  • You learn how to leverage concepts like oops and UI mapping to maintain the test codes.
  • Most importantly, the learner learns how to apply actions to the web elements and how to queue selenium actions using Action chains.
  • The learners learn how to collect the selenium test without a manual test suite file.
  • At the end of the course, you will learn how to organize selenium test codes in the package and wrap the selenium calls.

Brief Introduction to Selenium Tools

By learning the automation testing training course online, the learner gets a brief introduction about selenium tools and its operation method. The following are the Selenium tools used for testing various browser applications. Let’s see one by one.

Selenium IDE:   The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) of Selenium is a Firefox plug-in that is used to do testing on Firefox browser applications. It offers a graphical UI that records a user’s Firefox actions. Selenium IDE supports only the Firefox browser and other browsers are not supported by IDE.

Selenium RC: Selenium Remote Control (RC) is a flagship testing framework that allows the user to perform simple browser action and linear execution. It is greatly supported by programming languages like Java, Python, Perl, etc. that merely perform complex tests.

Selenium Web Driver:  Selenium Web Driver is the successor of Selenium remote control. It is used to send the commands directly to the browser and the results are retrieved from the browser applications.

Selenium Grid: Selenium Grid is an important tool used in the Selenium testing process to run tests parallel across different devices and browsers. It greatly helps to save execution time and work.

Introduction to Python

The major benefit of learning Selenium training near me is it doesn’t require any license to work with the browser. Any learner can start with UI and do testing practice right at their home. Python plays a major role in Selenium testing. Now let’s see why python is necessary for Selenium testing?

Python is the most powerful language used in Certified Professional Selenium Training for the benefits of the learner. Python is simple to learn and easy to use. The programming language of pythons resembles the English Language. It is a free open source language that supports the tester for easy access and fast workflows.

Python has many in-built testing tools that cover automated debugging concepts. The python has a lot of tools and modules to work with various applications for convenient testing and a faster approval. 

For testing with cross-platform and cross-browser, selenium testing and splinter testing are used with automated frameworks to do PyTest. To get in-depth knowledge about these tools and modules all you need to do is join the automation testing course online and explore the knowledge of python and its frameworks.

Advantages of Selenium and python

  • Selenium and python are open source tool
  • It can be executed in desktop and laptops
  • It can execute scripts across different browsers
  • It doesn’t require any license to perform the testing task
  • It can also support mobile devices.
  • It executes tests within the browser and there is no focus needed during script execution.
  • The scripts can be executed on different OS with the help of the tools and modules.
  • The selenium tester supports any programming languages for its operation.
  • The job opportunities are available globally.


The software tester always looks for flexibility in their work. While choosing online learning Selenium training near me, the learner gets the flexibility to design test cases either in programming logic or in a playback approach.

Online learning helps the learner to balance the work with the course and do testing practice near to the geographical location. The python based Selenium testing comforts software tester to perform his job efficiently. Use Selenium IDE to record the test and export later in a programming language to execute a web driver test.

Huge Demand for Selenium Testers

In today’s trend, everything becomes online and hence the usage of Selenium grows consistently and the demand for selenium testers grows proportionately. Start to search for the best automation testing courses online and join today for a colorful future.

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