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Today, many industries longing to build software with high quality. The common element of the business definitions is that the quality of a product or service refers to the perception of the degree that meets the customer requirement. It also helps in retaining the industry’s loyalty to a customer who hands over the projects so they continue to buy from companies in the future.

To build the software with the high quality the companies hire the experienced and even a fresher candidate. You have the window of excessive opportunity if you Learn QA classes online to strengthen your career in all aspects.

The process involved in quality assurance:

The steps of a cycle called PDCA that define the whole process of quality assurance. The phases of this cycle include:

  • Planning the process
  • Doing the changes
  • Checking the product
  • Action to achieve the improvement

1. Planning the process 

The first process of the life cycle is planning. The organization has to take the necessary steps to plan before handing over the product to the customer with a high-quality end product. They also need to ensure that the product or services are built according to customer satisfaction. So they need to do the best planning with quality thinking. By reading this it helps to understand the whole concept better.

2. Doing the changes

The second phase is the most essential thing in building the product so the testing and development team plays a prominent role in building the product. The quality assurance community can also do the changes any time required. The main aim is to give the product or service that ensures quality. The next loop of doing is checking the product.

3. Checking the product

The first thing is the quality assurance team has to monitor the whole process to produce a better result. Secondly, to modify the process if any changes require guaranteeing the quality of software. The third thing is to check whether it meets the predetermined objectives or not. If yes then step into the final stage of the process.

4. Action to achieve the improvement

This is the final stage before giving the product to the end customer. The QA team needs to apply the corrective measures or actions to achieve the improvement of the process. The improvement should meet the objective of the customer that helps to give the business growth as well.

 Now you can understand the whole process of how it works and also the QA role and their necessity to build the product. Finally, by choosing the QA software testing training you can carry the bright future.

Software Testing Training Online

6 characteristics that define the quality of the software:

The following are the six characteristics list that defines the quality of the software. 

1. Functionality:

The quality of the software that should provide an adequate amount of function for a specified task and customer objective. It also helps to bring accuracy in its function as per the need of the user. The capability and security of the software function are also high as it’s thoroughly checked by a quality assurance team to bring the good result.

2. Reliability:

The best attribute of the software comes under its reliability to perform specified conditions for a specified duration. The level of performance should maintain even after the long run of the product if it faces any failure it should tolerate the fault also. Every company needed the product for a long duration to sustain in the industries.

3. Usability:

The product and quality of the software are based on its understandability to use the product. It should be easy for the customer to use and handle it. The quality of the software is also based on the rate of the percentage that is liked by the customer. 

It is also easy to operate for the entire person is one of the essential features checked by the quality assurance team.

4. Efficiency:

The efficiency of the software always speaks about the architecture design and coding practice followed during the development process. The resource they have used to build the product to perform under the stated condition. It also gives the time behavior of the product that produces the smile on the user’s face.

5. Maintainability:

Maintainability is one of the significant factors that make the customer come again to give lots of projects to the companies. Flexibility needed to fix the fault and defects in the project easily and quickly without any issue. It should be stable once when changes are made. As a result, the stability of the product should match the customer specification also.

6. Portability

Portability of the software means how easily and in speedway a system adapts to changes in the customer specifications. Quality of the software is also found by the portability of the system. 

It should be easy to install the software and also to be much comfortable to replace an order of the component in a given environment. Anyway, the product must be easy for the user to operate it.

Choose the QA course through online:

Knowledge always gives the power to rule your life. Learning is not the big deal but choosing the best platform to gain knowledge in the Software QA training matters a lot. You can choose the right online platform that provides lots of benefits to you to study. 

Through online classes, you can learn from anywhere like house, library or even in the coffee shop. They also provide you flexible time to learn. By doing this course online it also gives high shine to the future. 

Final thoughts:

Now your doubts are clarified by reading the uses and process of the quality assurance. Take up the software qa testing courses online to get hands-on practiced from the professional. They also give you real-time examples to learn the concept easily even if you are a beginner they motivate you through the live session. Finally, you can reach the heights by learning the course that produces unexpected career growth in your life. 

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