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Learning selenium testing online courses has a huge demand for the IT field today. According to many IT industry experts, this demand will increase further in the future as there are lots of web-based applications developed. Comparatively, Selenium automation framework training courses have gained more popularity and wide integration. Gaining knowledge in Selenium testing is more possible even for working professionals to attend the training without leaving their job and without distracting their present schedules.

Online courses are most like in-class selenium training, as the selenium framework videos provided by the trainer as study materials which will help the learners to absorb the subject without the guidance of the third person. Also, the trainers will provide Selenium automation certification as a proof of expertise in the field of testing automation with selenium framework.

selenium framework

Things to know about Selenium Automation Framework:

The most popular selenium framework was introduced by Jason Huggins as an internal tool at Thought Works to test

 various internal applications. 

It is a portable automation testing framework for web applications. The tests can be noted down as HTML tables or coded in a number of popular languages.

Selenium can be deployed in many operating systems like Linux, MAC OS, Windows, Android IOS and etc. Since it is an open-source, language-independent and platform-independent.

Selenium automation framework supports many programming languages like c#, ruby, Perl, Java, Python etc and it also can be executed in different platforms or operating systems.

Selenium Supports many Browsers such as Internet Explorer browser, Safari browser, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, edge browser etc.

Selenium automation framework is a library or application programming interface which consists of classes, interfaces and methods. Each can be integrated and used with various coding languages as mentioned above.

Each browser has its own driver for executing test scripts such as, for executing selenium script on internet explorer will have internet explorer driver, on chrome explorer will have chrome driver, on safari will have safari driver, and on opera will have opera drivers.

Selenium framework was based on javascript and very easy to use it has basically four components such as Selenium IDE(Integrated Development Environment), Selenium Grid, Selenium Web Driver and Selenium RC(Remote Control).

The most commonly used tools in the IT industry are selenium frameworks are selenium web driver and selenium grid for development of testing products.

Selenium testing online courses have many versions like selenium 2.0, selenium 1.0 and selenium3.0.This 3.0 version has all the vendors like Google, Microsoft, Apple and Firefox from which they have their own drivers to work with selenium.

Advantages of Selenium testing online course:

Learning selenium courses you will be able to work with many experts as a team which will help you to build new contacts and working with live projects is also a part of selenium courses.

Selenium automation certification course trainers will offer you a live project as a demo to work with to know about the selenium technology implementation.

Selenium trainers will provide experience certification as you can add this to your resume thus, the chances of getting good IT jobs will be more.

You will face many problems and issues that may come while implementing live projects as a part of your career and you will try to fetch a solution about the issues. 

By solving issues and defects with the help of experts in the team you will gain a better idea about the selenium technology and how to process it with live projects.

When you prefer online training, selenium live projects videos will be provided to you and it will contain requirements for the projects which can be kept as a referral guide for future use.

Benefits of learning Selenium Automation Testing:

  • The Selenium framework was being used by multiple organizations and testers worldwide. Since the automation testing would save a lot of time and effort.
  • It works by caricature a real user who is mediating with the webpage, moreover, the Application programming interface of web driver is user friendly which can grasp easily.
  • The selenium community helps both developers and software engineers in automation of web applications features and functionalities.
  • Selenium framework being as an open-source helps you to customize the code for better technical management and improves the functionality of predefined classes and functions.
  • Selenium becomes the most reliable web automation framework tool because of the ease of generating test scripts and validating functionality.
  • Selenium is comfortable with all the browsers no need to rewrite the scripts for every browser, thus it has the theme of WORA (write once and run anywhere).
  • Selenium is a user-friendly interface that helps you to create and execute test cases easily and effectively by following detailed reports of selenium test scripts.
  • Selenium is commonly teamwork with always having a huge group available to help you in case of your need. So you can ask your queries and doubts and brainstorm in the team.
  • Selenium makes the test scripts reusable and it allows testing in volumes and all the tests in the automation execute without any errors and defects
  • Selenium test automation can be implemented for web application automation on Android, blackberry and Iphone. This can help in generating results and addressing issues on a regular basis.

The key feature of selenium automation online courses:

  • More real-time selenium challenges.
  • Full storm knowledge of TestNG, Maven, Ant, Jenkins, Cucumber, Html Reports, Excel API, Grid parallel Testing and so on.
  • Designing Page Object, Data-Driven, Key Driven and Hybrid Automation frameworks from scratch
  • Developing Automation framework test cases.
  • Verification of data coherence.
  • Automation guidelines and code quality labarum.
  • Generation reports and test cases with test annotations of jar files like TESTNG, JUNIT and SUNIT and so on.

Bottom Line:

Selenium is a test automation tool to test web applications which is easy to use open-source and platform-independent. The training course of selenium is not a complicated one to learn with. If you are good at any basic programming knowledge then you can learn selenium on your own. Selenium test engineers are in great demand because it gives the IT industry a better exposure. There are a lot of possibilities for wage increase with experience and a promising career can be assailed after giving way to more and more with it.

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