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Selenium is an open-source tool that is used for testing web applications. It is one of the most popular tools used for Web UI automation. With the help of the Selenium driver tool, it is possible to test any desktop software and mobile application software.

As it is an open-source tool, it supports cross browsing and automates web applications. To perform the Web UI automation testing, Selenium Web driver Python is preferably used for efficient output.

Importance of learning Selenium Web driver course

Selenium is a web driver tool used for automated testing in a different browser. Its library is available in different languages. By learning this web driver python, it is possible to perform the following things

  • How to install selenium in different OS?
  • Selenium course helps to locate web elements on correct position using CSS selectors
  • It helps to organize selenium test codes in packages.
  • It supports wrapping selenium calls.
  • Learning of Selenium Web driver chrome helps in apply actions to web elements like clicking an element, sending keys to an element, etc
  • By the end of the course, it is possible to get into practice where to apply selenium tests.
  • The learner is also able to do selenium automated tests using Selenium Web driver Python API.
  • It is possible to understand the concepts like UI mapping and Page objects to make selenium tests code maintainable.

Introduction to Python

Python is an important powerful language in automated testing. It is closely related to the English language. It is an open-source tool, which is preferred for interpreted service and efficient output. Python has many built-in testing frameworks that cover the fastest workflows and cover automated debugging.

A lot of testing tools and modules support Selenium Webdriver Python for performing cross-platform and cross-browser with frameworks like PyTest, Robot framework, etc. Selenium Web driver Firefox is used to perform cross-link tests in the browser. experts predict that selenium is one of the tools that will have a future in years to come. so learning selenium is one of the best decisions in your life.

Locating Web application tools using Python

Python is a programming language that has frameworks like Django, Flask, etc. These frameworks can be customized with themes, plug-ins, automated framing tools, and Local VCS. The selenium scripts can be written in this web app tool python for Web UI automated testing in Selenium Web driver chrome.

Selenium Webdriver

The locator in the address identifies a web element with the web page. Locators help to identify the place where the elements need to be performed. Locators are helpful to interact with web elements on the web page.

To identify the web elements accurately, locators like ID, name, CSS selector, link text, XPath, and partial link text are used. These locators help for accurate identification and help in stabilized automation in the script.

When you kick start your career with the Selenium course, there is no doubt that the opportunities are opened worldwide. There is a huge opening in the IT industry that enhances the future in Selenium. The selenium testing career has a bright future which also offers a handful of salary and excellent technical knowledge.

Why choose Selenium for web UI automation?

  1. Open Special Source/ Free Tool

As web applications must be tested using Automated UI, it is essential to learn one good testing tool. Selenium is an open-source free tool that performs excellently in any organization. It is easy to learn and fast to access any framework tools.

As it is an open special source tool, even an independent programmer can learn and do testing using Selenium Web driver Chrome. Selenium is a tool that works with python and shows efficient output in a web browser.

  1. No special OS or Hardware Demand

To perform testing using Selenium, there is no demand in special OS with high configuration is required. A normal CPU with basic configuration with OS like Windows, Linux, Mac, or Ubuntu is required for performing the testing.

The plug-in of Selenium with the Python testing tool helps to test any type of browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or IE. The performance in Selenium is incredible and it is easy to access, and fast to perform.

  1. Course Certification

The learner of Selenium Web driver python will receive a curriculum certificate for job purposes. The learner will receive Selenium Certification training that is used to add their resume value. This value of this certificate helps to apply for any job globally in the vast IT industry.

  1. Multiple Programming Language Support

Most of the testing tool software courses will insist on the learner to learn a new language. But Selenium is an open-source tool that supports multiple programming languages. If the learner is specialized in any of the languages like Java, Python, Perl, C#, or PHP they can learn as fast as they can. There is no restriction in learning a specified programming language.

  1. Frameworks used in Selenium

Selenium web driver python includes frameworks like Keyword-driven testing, data-driven testing, hybrid testing, module driven testing, etc.

  1. Easy Integration With Other Tools

Selenium is an open-source tool that supports multiple programming languages. Hence, Selenium can integrate with any open-source tool that helps for fast and easy automation in any kind of browsers.

  1. Parallel & Distributed Testing

By learning the Selenium course it is easy to perform selenium in multiple parallel machines or parallel tests in the same machine. By performing parallel and distributed testing, it is easy to save run time.

  1. Software Testing Training

As the IT industry is growing fast, it requires a fast and efficient testing tool in the market. Selenium Web driver Firefox is an important factor in influencing how to learn Selenium with any browser and tools that never have overhead in the functionality like other software testing tools.

The training in Selenium Software testing helps to perform parallel and distributed testing, it executes testing quickly and efficiently.

  1. Increasing Demand For Selenium Testers

The usage of Selenium testing is growing consistently and the demand for the tester is growing proportionately in the IT industry. All the testers are paid with a decent salary and assured with a job guarantee.

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