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If you want to kick-start your career in the IT field or you want to upgrade yourself from being manual to automation tester then the right alternative is learning selenium which has taken the world by storm and most industry organisations are looking for certified selenium professionals. When you deal with automation testing, selenium has always found its way to the conversation. Being one of the testing tools in automation, selenium is well-versed and loved by the developers and testers across the globe. Here are some major reasons why to choose selenium.

Free, open-source tool:

The huge strength of selenium is that it is a portable and freeware tool. Yet, selenium is an open-source tool which may use it free at cost. Any company may use selenium for automating tests of web-applications or even websites. Even independent software professionals can learn and practice automation testing using selenium web drivers. Thus, the selenium tool is a clear winner when compared to others.

Multiple programming language support:

This has to be the most essential factor for any programmer to get into the automation testing domain. Many tools in the market need you to be specialized in one particular language. The technical languages such as Java, C Sharp, ruby and VB script etc are among the common scripting languages required by many tools. But in selenium, you will not face any restrictions even if you are skilled with any of these languages. Thus, you can start your career in any technical languages like java, ruby or .Net.

Easy integration with other tools:

Selenium can be efficiently integrated with other open-source tools. Since most of the tools used by the programmers are very useful and when these tools are integrated with selenium, you are able to achieve automation testing effectively. 

Efficient testing phases:

Multiple test cases in selenium can be executed in parallel on the same machine or remote machines. You are able to perform parallel and distributed testing which will assist in saving time on running tests, execute tests on the same machine. Besides, if you learn about online selenium grids will facilitate across several browser environments over which you can run your tests and truly automate cross-browser testing.

Why should one get certified in selenium?

You can examine how widely selenium is used and how many valuable uses it has, you can probably visualize that a career involving selenium skills is a wise choice. If you wish to make your career in the field of a tester then you can see the potential for learning these selenium skills.

Selenium became a wide storm and since become a dominant force creating a huge demand for qualified professionals that have made the selenium testing a lucrative skill. However, to get one of these jobs requires training and skills. Proficiency in selenium means you have to fetch an abundant amount of skills, Technical knowledge and experience.

The best way to gain such a type of proficiency is through proper training and certification. Learning selenium certification training by experienced professionals will incredibly lecture and enable you to learn about every selenium contents deeply. Hence, the extensive selenium certification online training will provide you with various concepts and covers several testing technologies for a complete learning experience. Here are some of the concepts you will learn by expert professionals to shine in the field of automation testing.

  • In training, you will revise the core java concepts which are essential for learning selenium web drivers.
  • You will be able to grab the scope of test automation in DevOps and its fundamentals.
  •  The professional trainers will assist you in creating test cases using Selenium Integrated Development Environment which is a record and playback tool.
  • You will learn about various possible scenarios related to multiple windows, pop-ups, frames and taking screenshots.
  • You will gain knowledge in locating elements using various locating techniques and set up a Web-Driver project in eclipse and write test cases using jar file TestNG.
  • Implement page object design pattern and data-driven testing along with the skill set of selenium web driver architecture and various layers of interaction.
  • Trainers lectures you to work with various Web-Driver commands to a driver web browser and web element commands to deal with certain web components.
  •  They also make you understand how to use selenium grid with TestNG for parallel execution.

Probably when you are finest with your training session, you will have your selenium certification. Though, it assists you to begin on a new career or take your existing career to the next level.

Career opportunities in selenium:

  • Test automation has gone through so many changes in today’s world. Thus selenium being the best software tool, which its demand is at the peak right now. 
  • Pursuing selenium and gaining experience in that field will assist you to grow step by step.
  • As software tester to senior tester and by this level you will be able to learn about various core concepts.
  •  So, within some period you will be promoted to the technical tester and then test manager. So these are some of the reputed job profiles that are offered to the candidates.
  • According to the skill level and experience, there is always a huge chance of salary hike in one’s industry. 
  • After indulging more and more in this field; a lucrative career can be heralded. You can always grab a new skill set to upgrade yourself and can look forward to higher positions and thus succeed in the career path.
  • There is a continuous demand for software for various objectives in most of the organisations and no software has been produced without bugs.
  •  Indulging with this ease-use and the open-source tool will ensure you a fruitful career. Thus, the future scope in this sector will be tremendously increasing until software usage is ceased.

Bottom line:

Selenium is a popular testing tool that is used widely around the globe. So, the demand for these selenium certified professionals is increasing effectively. If you want to advance or launch a career in IT, selenium training could be the best start.

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