What are the advantages of using selenium?

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Launching an app is not an easy task as it has various processes and the company decides to launch a company with the motto of earning popularity and profit through that. So in this competitive world, you need to make all your process a little faster than your competitor and while launching an app you can’t find time and there will be a rush to launch it as soon as possible. So the developers and programmers use selenium for testing the app and it is the best tool for testing the apps. In this post, you are going to look at some of the advantages of using selenium. 

Some of the advantages of using selenium

Selenium is one of the great testing tools for web applications and browsers used by programmers and developers and it helps to check the quality of the web application. Among the various automation testing tools, this selenium is best because of its advantages, and those advantages are listed below. 

  1. Open-source; 

The cost of using the tool is very essential and it is the best advantage for using selenium as it is an open-source tool. Open source means it is freeware where no cost is required and the user can make use of the available codes by sharing extend and modify it for their convenience. By modifying the codes easily, the programmers can save more time at the time of testing the product and this will result in improving productivity directly. There is no need for a license for using the selenium tool and the cost of the license is free.

  • Platform portability: 

The scope of the selenium automation testing tool is increased in the various sector because of its platform portability advantage to the programmers. So by completing the qtp and selenium training effectively in the best center, you can easily become a selenium testing engineer where you can get without difficulty a job as it is demanded. The codes are run in the various required platforms and when programmers use the selenium for testing, they can write the code on any platform. Because the selenium tool can run the codes in various browsers and platforms this is comfortable for the programmers. 

  • Language support: 

Many programmers have wondered after getting an answer for the question that is there any special selenium-centric language? Because the answer is no and the selenium can support all the languages. People can complete the selenium web driver courses without facing difficulties as there is no special programming language required to learn. You can write the script in any language like java, python and JavaScript, etc and the selenium will convert it into compatible code. The selenium will work regardless of language and framework for testing the tool. 

  • Flexibility: 

Avoiding the duplication of the codes in the program is possible only if you are using selenium as a tool for testing. The tests can be regrouped as per the requirements in selenium. You can also get the remote control in selenium where the testers can easily create and test it. 

Bottom line:

As the details mentioned above are some of the advantages of using selenium, better use this selenium testing tool for your business. The programmers also like this tool for testing. 

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