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These days it is not only enough to be a good tester. You can see significant growth in the field of testing over the last few years. Today the companies do not require just good testers but also those who have mastery about the tools and the techniques that can help the organization. With these, the organization can save valuable resources and do the same work with much less time and effort.

There comes selenium testing. Selenium is a testing tool that has shown promising results and its popularity is increasing day by day. Considering all the advantages you have all the right reasons to study everything related to that of selenium testing training.

Given below are the best selenium online training and courses.  These  can help you in escalating your growth in the field of automation testing. With all the resources provided here, one can gain mastery over it.

Learning selenium

The learning selenium is a 1 hour selenium online training course. This can be considered for the beginners where they can study the introduction of selenium. These will also cover the installation. With the installation, you would be setting up test writing frameworks, webdriver and the selenium grids that can be used to run a test against a remote server. Here the individual can learn the best practices to write the effective tests. Also, they can understand the test pyramid to balance unit, integration and the user interface testing.

Some of the primary concepts covered in the best online selenium course usa include:

  • Adding structures to your tests
  • Using the API
  • Configuring nodes
  • Benefits of grid
  • Page object pattern
  • Test suite organization

Selenium web driver master class with c#

For the one looking to start their career in automation testing with selenium, you have to learn selenium course online. You will enter as a beginner and later transform into a QA engineer. Then you have to understand the importance of building the framework and should be capable of building them too. For you, selenium webdriver tests would be like a piece of cake. The tutorials with this course are full of real-world exercises. With that, you only devote your time to something that is in demand in the outside world. This course is a 43 hours course which has 55 articles and also provides a certificate of completion.

A few things that you would be learning with this course are,

  • Parallel test execution with N Unit
  • Best practices of automation testing
  • Creating log files and debugging
  • Page object pattern
  • Creating HTML reports
  • C# for software automation engineers

Selenium webDriver with java

As the name suggests there is no need for you to have any pre-knowledge of java. This is because this course itself will teach you the portion of java that is required to work with selenium. When you do this course you can see all the basic topics related to java and it starts every topic from scratch. After completing the java basics you would be working with selenium WebDriver, advanced selenium, framework design, selenium grid and database and performance testing. With this, you can also prepare for your interviews and it will also teach you how to build an impressive resume through separate sections.

Features of this selenium online course,

  • 100+ real-time selenium challenges
  • Designing page object, data-driven and hybrid automation frameworks from scratch
  • Optimizing automation test cases
  • Verification of data integrity
  • Automation guidelines and code quality standards

This course is for 55 hours and will give your 50+ articles and more than 280 downloadable resources.

Selenium webdriver with java

This is also an online selenium course which doesn’t require you to have any coding experience. This includes a broad range of topics ranging from the basic to the advanced. You can see selenium webdriver, java basics, test NG framework, automation framework design, etc. In this course, many examples are taught and all these are taken from the testing real-time hosted web applications.

Important concepts covered in this selenium online training are:

  • Designing and implementing structured automation frameworks
  • Continuous integration testing using Jenkins
  • Cross-browser testing using selenium grid
  • Complete understanding of the testing framework
  • Verification of data integrity with the Gui of the application
  • Running performance tests with selenium webdriver automation

Selenium certification training

This is a selenium testing training course which provides a certificate at the end of the course. Here you would be learning about automating the testing of the web applications. You will learn how to achieve the same thing through the robust framework and also integrate it within the DevOps processes. This is a 40 hours course where you will surely need to have some basic knowledge of core java. This is because only a refresher is given at the beginning of the course. In this, you will be working on two real-life based projects and also will gain hands-on experience with demo website testing.,

The skills that are covered with this course are given below.

  • Automation framework
  • Selenium grid with test NG
  • Selenium grid
  • Selenium web driver
  • Test cases using selenium IDE
  • Scope of test automation
  • Core java concepts

Selenium with python

This course is best for beginners and this course is for 33 hours. With this, you can implement the selenium webdriver automation with python programming and python selenium frameworks. The course will be simpler for you when you have a basic understanding of manual testing and processes. But it is not compulsory that you have to know the basics of python or automation testing. In this programme, both the selenium webdriver basics and the advanced concepts will be covered. At the end of the course, you will know how to write diverse automation test cases using selenium.

Some of the main features of this selenium course are:

  • Real-time automation projects using selenium with python
  • Designing automation frameworks
  • Preparation for selenium and python interviews
  • Detailed understanding of the X path
  • Condition handling in python
  • Working with Excel files

Therefore the above is the best selenium course online. This field has a huge scope and you can get better opportunities in the automation testing fields. It all depends on your effort and commitment. Make sure you use all these resources and build a good career.

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