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Master SELENIUM java course provides basic and also the advanced concepts of Selenium in Java. Some of the best courses for selenium are completely designed for the beginners and also for professionals. Selenium open source Web UI (User Interface) which are most widely used for the automation testing suite. This course includes all topics of selenium including its features, things to know about selenium which is different from QTP, things to know about Selenium Tool Suits, about selenium IDE, Selenium IDE Locating and its strategies, Selenium Webdriver with Java, WebDriver and its features, about WebDriver Installation, etc. 

Reasons to Learn Selenium

Selenium can be easily installed on platforms like Windows, Linux, Solaris, Macintosh etc. It also supports the OS (Operating System) for mobile applications like iOS, windows mobile and android in the computer and mobile. Selenium is the right way to get started in the field of Information and Technology. There are some of the important reasons why you should learn Selenium in Java for a better career option. 

Learn Multiple Programming

Learning Selenium is the best way for any Java programmer to get into the domain of Automation Testing. There are most of the tools offered that you need to be specialized. Especially in one particular programming language, you need to be specialized in. There are different languages like computer languages of VBScript, Java, and C language. These are the more common scripting languages required by various tools of specialization. Selenium will not make you face too many restrictions in languages. Even if you think you are specialized in one of these languages, you can start your career in the software field without any hardships. 

Selenium is an open-source tool, which means anybody can use it for free. Any organization can use Selenium to test their website or web application and even independent programmers can learn and practice automation testing using Selenium WebDriver.

The problem with other testing tools is that they are either licensed tools, or their functionality is not as good as Selenium. HP’s QTP, IBM’s RFT, TestComplete, Ranorex are all proprietary (licensed) tools. Feature-wise, Selenium is the clear winner when compared to the others, no second thoughts!

Amazing Open Source Tool

Selenium is considered to be an open-source material for all the users because anybody can use it for free of cost. If needed any of the organization can use it to test the website that they own or even on the web application if needed. It can be even used on independent programmers so that you can learn and practice some of the automation testing using Selenium WebDriver with Selenium Java. The most important reason why it is unique is that the other testing tools are either licensed. Even some of the other tools’ functionality is not as good as the Selenium tool. Without any second thought, you can get to know that Selenium is the clear option when compared to the other tools in Java. 

Usage of Frameworks

One of the most important uses of selenium is that it has frameworks. Frameworks in selenium are very similar to templates that you can use in other software. You should be able to make slight changes in the code as per your requirement for different conditions. Instead of making wholesale changes in your project, you can make the required changes. Various frameworks are similar to templates such as:

  • Hybrid testing
  • Data driven testing
  • Module driven testing 
  • Keyword-driven testing

Connection with other Tools

Selenium is not the only tool that you can make use of. You can have a very great option of easy integration with other open-source tools that makes it even more possible to work with your convenience. It is because most of the tools used in DevOps and also other tools are very useful and open source. This will be hectic for you to get the sources since it has many takers. For this reason, if these tools are integrated with Selenium, the automation testing is achieved quite easily. 

Parallel Testing

One more important factor is that Multiple and parallel Selenium tests cases can be executed and conducted simultaneously on the same machine. Remote machines are used for Selenium Grid and that is used for executing the test cases differently. In the same machine, you can perform parallel & distributed testing and because of it, you save the time to run and execute the tests if needed. You can execute the tests on different web servers too. Another important feature is that if you are not interested in setting Selenium Grid in your system, then you can use LambdaTest from which you can get access to more than 2000 browser environments. Through this, you can run your tests and you can automate cross-browser testing easily. 

Flexibility of Design

Flexibility while designing is the need of the hour. For designing the test cases in Selenium, you can easily have the flexibility to design it through programming logic and also by record and playback approach. Even if you do not have the technical knowledge to script WebDriver code, that does not matter. You can make use of IDE to record the test that you do and you can export the programming logic to the same programming language of your wish whenever needed. Selenium WebDriver is accessed to write a logic using programming languages that can occur many times when needed. You can make use of the Selenium IDE to record all your tests and the test results can be exported later into a programming language of your wish to make it as a WebDriver test. 

Wrapping up

The above discussed are some of the reasons to understand why selenium is important in Java. Hope all the reasons that are discussed above make sense and can help you to choose the right course on Selenium for beginners in Java. It is preferable to select the best selenium certification training which can guide you to become a professional and a skilled programmer.

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