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In the tech world, web-based applications play a vital role when compared to desktop applications. The usability of websites and web-based applications is increasing day by day. More websites and web applications are coming to the tech fields daily. Before any web goes to live it has to be checked completely end to end. Performing web testing enables you to assure that the web-based software is functioning properly that can be accepted by real-time users. The web applications must be user-friendly, informative, and easily accessible and to achieve these qualities the process of web testing has to be done. Selenium is the best efficient tool for automated web testing.

Why do we need web testing?

Testing a web application enables you to find any potential bugs before it goes to live. Testing has to be completely done before it reaches the real-time users. Many of them have crucial data transmissions like fund transferring, any result announcements, and important data. Some of the common web testing criteria are Interface testing, Functionality testing, Compatibility testing, Usability testing, Performance testing, and Security testing.

Online learning for professionals and employees

The syllabus and material of the course are the same for an online and off-campus classroom. There are more advantages for working professionals and employees who are looking for a knowledge and career update. For career growth in the software field, you must be in a demanding position and you need to update your technical profile from time to time. Selenium training online course is one of the most demanding technologies for web application testing.

Advantages of Learn Selenium Online

Selenium is the best course for those who are looking for career growth. It is an open-source tool best suited for automation testing for web applications. Since it is an open-source tool there is no need for purchasing the license for the software since it is free. Selenium scripts can be written in any of the following programming languages such as Java, PHP, C#, .Net, and Python. Also, this tool can be used in any operating system like Windows, Linux, and Mac. The testing of the scripts can be worked under browsers like Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla Firefox. Learning Selenium with java is more efficient and compatible when compared to all other programming languages.

Learn Selenium with Java Course

The benefits for professionals over online courses is you will have time flexibility. You can choose your free time and study. When compared to traditional classroom training online training is way cheaper. You can have more communication opportunities like the best class teaching experts can teach you online if you are even in remote areas that they cannot come. For learners, those who take more time to understand online learning are much better. Also, you can access a variety of databases for in-depth learning, and more can get more understanding by community discussions. The online method enhances communication, out of box thinking, problem-solving, and more creative ideas.

Selenium for Professionals

Things to know before choosing selenium

For many application developers’ selenium with java is the most preferable tool. A selenium test script along with java has more benefits. Selenium and java is an open-source tool so there are more communities you can discuss for writing test cases and documentation. Software programs written in java are faster than other programming languages. Also, java is widely used in all commercial applications when compared to other languages and so integrating the selenium tests with java is easier.

Some of the organizational advantages of selenium are it is license-free software so there is no cost required for usage and development. Many open source communities are available for development and support. It supports all kinds of operating systems and programming languages. Also, there are many more advantages when compared to other test case tools so selenium is a more preferred choice in test case developers. If you want to learn you can also search for online selenium certification training.

Basics of selenium course

The best automation testing tool in the field is selenium. It is a web-based automation framework tool in which it is tested when a web page is initiated on a web browser. Selenium uses a web driver in which it has a simpler command and better API also it supports cross-browser testing, data-driven testing, and batch testing.

Selenium WebDriver

The main problem in automation testing is the same-origin policy issue. It helps to ensure web application security. That is the web browsers only allow java scripts to access the elements on the web page if domain and java scripts are in the same domain. The test case executions are faster when compared to other executions. Also, the architecture design on the selenium webdriver is simpler because there is no external proxy server. The main benefit of webdriver is it supports testing on the HTML unit.

The common elements in web browsers are labels, buttons, checkboxes, text boxes, hyperlinks, drop-down or list or combo boxes, CTA buttons, frames, and tables. These have to be essentially checked whether they are correctly responding to the action that we need. Some other test cases include alert and pop-up handling, dynamic web handling, and broken links. Also, selenium has the TestNG part, in which it priorities in session handling, frameworks, and failed test cases. The main key feature is we can generate customized test reports.

Opportunities in automation testing

Since it is the best testing platform the demand for this position is higher day by day. The salary provided for the selenium test engineer is higher in this area. Many organizations are making use of web-based applications, so the demand for selenium automation testing is rapidly increasing. Some big tech companies are relying on test automation tools such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Mozilla, and LinkedIn. If you are a tech guy or software testing lover and if you are looking for the best opportunity in your career, surely you can go for a selenium certification course. Many online training institutions that are providing selenium online certification course for free. Be clear to choose the right online institution that suits your needs.

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