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Selenium is the open-source tool and is used for doing automation testing for web applications. An independent programmer can learn selenium and practice automation testing using selenium web driver. Most of the people using and give preference to selenium testing which is expandable and flexible to approach. If you are a skilled and trained professional surely you will get opportunities to work with selenium tools all the time. The testing automation developer will convert written tests cases into automation scripts and it requires programming language like C, C# and Java.

Online selenium training will be very interactive; the students may also get a chance to interact with their teachers. It will be conducted through live webinar sessions so you can easily clarify your doubts. More selenium online training is available if you are enrolling in it which may help you. In this training, you will gain in- depth knowledge of concepts such as web driver, mobile testing, and selenium grid.

Future scope of selenium

If you know more about software and technical knowledge then selenium will give you the best scope for your future. You don’t want to spend more money on learning selenium courses because it is an open-source tool, you can also learn selenium from home. It is the greatest advantage to learn.

If anyone pursuing their career in the world wants their work with selenium knowledge because of their testing needs. It is the most preferred testing automation tool in the world. Software testing is a popular field and testing development teams are always in dire need of people who can help them with their knowledge of their tools.

Due to this benefit, the selenium offers will be highly preferred. So that you can without putting much thought into making your career in this field. Selenium testing engineers are having the greatest demand because they will give the industry a better exposure. Which increases with experience and a promising career increases with it.

Each selenium automation tester has great opportunities during career and also boosts their growth. The popular job roles for selenium professions such as,

  • Automation test lead
  • Junior test engineer
  • Senior test engineer
  • Quality engineer
  • Test engineer 

Selenium in automation testing

The automated testing tool that gives more power than repetitive manual work and also provides us with faster input. So that manual testing cost is decreased and may save time on running tests. In the field of automation testing, developers, QA and analysts use it to perform testing. Some of the selenium jobs that an automation testing companies as follows,

  • Selenium automation engineer
  • Mobile testing lead
  • Selenium tester
  • Senior quality engineer
  • Software development test engineer

Future scope of python in selenium

There are more demand openings for java plus selenium than python and C#. Java has many libraries and frameworks for runners, in job point of view java is a preferred one. For python with selenium have more opportunities for one’s career and python plays a greater role in automation. Because most of the machine learning and more artificial intelligence libraries were accessible in python. Python with selenium will give more career opportunities for one’s future. There are so many selenium classes available today, if you want to gain your knowledge in this course, you can enroll and build your career better.

Benefits of learning selenium 

Selenium is a popular open-source and which may be free for cost. If you are a budding programmer you can also learn as well as practice automation testing using selenium tools. Selenium jobs are varying from company to company which range from mobile development to web development. Selenium is the best tool where you can earn more skills and practical knowledge. Selenium supports multiple browsers like chrome, safari, opera and edge browsers and it also has good community support with updates, upgrades. It also supports parallel test execution and can execute the test in headless mode. Selenium has the best advantage of being in open source and each of the users can extend, share and modify available code. The programmers make code without any worry about the platform on which code has to run. Selenium also supports multiple operations like windows, Linux, Mac and operating systems.

An easy and open-source tool

Selenium is one of the popular open-source tools which are free for cost and most of the companies use selenium for test websites and web applications.

Get easy support for programming

Most tools like selenium are available in-market which must be easy to use as a programming language. Most of the programming language requires a diverse software tool, but  with selenium ,you can easily use the selenium tool.

Framework availability 

Most of the framework has similarity with the templates, you may alter it only minor alteration to the code according to your need. You do not have to make a major change in the entire coding structure. Some frameworks such as hybrid testing, modules have driven testing, keyword-driven testing.

Supports parallel testing

Many tests using selenium may be implemented in parallel on the same machine or even on remote devices. Selenium Grid can be efficiently used to execute test cases on the remote machines. You can save time to run a test, carry on a test in similar machines or even you may execute tests on web servers.

Flexibility for designing the test

For designing the test using selenium which is the flexibility to design by using programming logic or by the record as well as playback approach. Record the tests as well as export programming logic to the similar programming language of your own choices.

The bottom line

Selenium is the most widely used test automation tool in this world which is used to a web-based application, so there is more demand for selenium experts. There are many advantages of learning selenium and which has made it the most favorite test automation tool in this world. The project training will help to understand the subject in-depth and you will gain practical knowledge.

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